Origami shoulder bag


Small handmade, hand-dyed shoulder bag.

5” (12cm) tall and 8.5” (21.5cm) wide at its widest point.


This small shoulder bag is handmade using an origami fold. The fabric is hand dyed with a shibori technique, in this case using giant paper clips, which have resulted in this lovely diffused effect with some sharp white dashes. It’s fully lined with cotton upcycled from a tablecloth.

It fastens with a vintage glass button – undo the first flap to open the bag and the second flap to open the two triangular pockets.

The strap will fit on your shoulder or across your body, and is handmade from leather.

The bag is 5” (12cm) tall and 8.5” (21.5cm) wide at its widest point.

Perfect for when you don’t want to cart the kitchen sink about.


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Origami shoulder bag